Knee Osteoarthritis

We are looking for individuals between the ages of 18-80 who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis to participate in a clinical study. Our study involves the assessment and treatment of osteoarthritis (OA). OA can be thought of as a degenerative disorder arising from the breakdown of articular cartilage in synovial joints. Symptoms may include deep achy joint pain exacerbated by extensive use. You may also experience reduced range of motion and a crackling sound when flexing and extending the knee. Resting stiffness and morning joint stiffness lasting less than 30 minutes are also characteristic of osteoarthritis. Advancing age, obesity, trauma, surgery, muscle dysfunction and genetics all contribute to this condition.

Our study is being performed so that we may compare the efficacy of various treatment modalities such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and weight loss vs. PRP and allograft therapy. These safe, non-surgical approaches are an alternative to surgery. PRP contains a concentration of various growth factors that reduce inflammation and promote the body’s inherent healing capacity. Allografts, which use tissue from the same species that are transferred from one individual to another,  have also been shown to provide tremendous improvement in the treatment of osteoarthritis. These long- lasting treatments allow the patient to recover much more quickly and reduce the down time associated with surgery. We encourage our participants to enroll in this exciting and beneficial study so that they may return to being able to enjoy more active, pain-free lives again.

Our physician partner in Danvers, Massachusetts will reach out to you with the details if you qualify.

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    Painful joints have affected me in the past
    These conditions have significantly affected my daily living
    My ability to participate in sports such as golf, tennis, and jogging has been affected
    Procedures and or medications have been helpful but have not completely alleviated my discomfort
    I am interested in finding out about effective non-surgical procedures that could diminish my pain.
    Other medical conditions have contributed to my joint discomfort.
    Recent sports related injuries or an accident has caused me pain.
    Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis have a tremendous impact on my functional ability