Take part in this FREE clinical trial for Spinal Stenosis,
right here in Boca Raton!

For the next 30 days, we will be accepting a select number of people between the ages of 18-85, at NO CHARGE, to take place in a 28 day study run by Sound Health, LLC and Ultimate Wellness on the efficacy of a non-chemical, no risk treatment for the relief of lower back pain due to spinal stenosis. Learn more.

How do you qualify?
If you have had a diagnosis of spinal stenosis demonstrated by medical history, physical examination, or radiographic imaging and are experiencing leg and/or back pain and any of the following:

Radiculopathy (“pinched nerve” pain or radiating pain on one or both sides)

Sensory deficit (numbness)

Motor weakness

Reflex changes

Disc herniation

Neurogenic claudication (pain or weakness due to compressed nerves- usually while walking)

Osteophyte formation or hypertrophy of the facet joint (bone spurs or painful inflammation of the facet joint)

This is a simple study to participate in and you are not required to purchase anything at all.

You can learn more about the study by clicking here.

Questions about the study?
Email support@sound-health.org or call SoundHealth at: 561-372-6202 and leave a message… someone will get back to you directly.